Does iPage Offer SEO Services?

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seo iconThe use of SEO is considered to be critical in the future sustainability of the website. This is because SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization which is used to increase the visitor traffic to the website in order to improve the website’s rankings.

The need for the increased rankings is that this is typically the basis for the popularity of the website in the search engines of:

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yahoo

The first step is to always initiate a search in order to get a list of displayed result or matches. The search results are typically listed according to their SEO rankings or relevance to the search engine user.

Ranking List

rank iconThe top ten webpages on the list is considered to have the highest SEO rankings. The most common websites that have a top rank are commercial websites which includes Wikipedia and Amazon in the list. The best way for website visitors to learn and access your website is through the use of the search engine. The popularity of the website will increase as your website ranking increases.

rank iconHaving a low SEO ranking means that your website is buried at either the middle or the bottom of the search engine list. Unfortunately due to the attention span of the website visitor this means that your website will not be one of the lucky few to get chosen and entered. This decreases the chances of a sale if your website offers products and services for sale.

SEO requirements

The development of the website makes it essential for search engine optimization. This means that you will need to have multiple web contents such as:

  • Videos
  • Images
  • Texts

SEO rankings

track seoThe most common way to improve the SEO ranking is through the website content or the use of a keyword. The keyword can be used to match any relevant words on your website. Therefore you will need to make a webpage content that uses a set of words or a sentence in a certain way. The reason for this is that the keyword search is dependent on the way it is entered by a website user on the search engines.

Website Title

One of the most important is the website name or title since it is normally embedded by a HTML source code which is included in the HTML tags. Search engines normally focus more on the website name or title since it is considered to be a website content summary. This makes it essential to choose a catchy and search engine-friendly domain name.

Website Linking

The website that you own can be linked to other websites through the use of hyperlinks which points to another relevant website. Linking with another complementary website will enhance the SEO ranking since it also includes the number of links.

linkThe reason for the website linking is that it is perceived to be a recommendation from other websites that your website is also reputable when it comes to selling products and services. The higher the number of links that point to your website, the better it implies the viability of the website.

iPage and SEO

tag discount icon hostingiPage offers SEO as one of its services but will cost the website owner an additional $99 per month, which is already at a 30% discount from the $150 regular rate. The reason for this is that the package includes the offer to write the web content of the website aside from linking and a monthly status report.

This is because iPage also has multiple SEO copywriters that create website content that is both original and relevant so that your website rankings will steadily increase in popularity even for the span of a few days.

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